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Raw Material Wood

  • Oak, cherry, maple, walnut
  • Sourced from North American Hardwood Forests
  • Geographically superior Appalachian wood
  • Responsibly harvested

The Art of Furniture

  • A one on one design experience with the craftsman
  • All original designs
  • Ergonomic & extremely comfortable
  • Features wood bending
  • Handcrafted with custom options
  • High quality

Cleaning & Care

  • Wipes clean with a damp or soapy cloth
  • Can use over the counter polishes
  • Yearly waxing NOT required
  • Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade furniture over time
  • Avoid placing near heating ducts or vents 


What our customers have to say!


Customer karen's custom table


Customer Karen on her custom table and mission hall table: "Just wanted you to see how beautiful the furniture looks in my home! Thanks again for everything!"


customer Karen's second piece


Customer Karen (her second piece)


customer barbara's moran island


Customer Barbara on her Moran Island: "I was all set up to pin my quilt layers together on our dining room table as I've done in the past and then thought, 'No! My island!' My back is so much happier, and the length all fits!"