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Eclipse Pub Table Set

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Approx. 44" x 54"
Counter Height Pub:
36" h
Damp Cloth
Larger versions available
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Price includes four stools


Description: - Maple live edge cross section top, ambrosia maple base and accents, and four ambrosia maple saddle stools with live edge accents.







The Eclipse Pub Table Set


All of my tables are one of a kind - because they're all individually handcrafted - BUT the eclipse table set can only be made four times - and can never be made the same size again. That's because I only have 4 live edge cross sections left of this tree - all larger than this table, and more of an oblong shape.


The Eclipse table set features a live edge cross section top that comes from a monster maple tree harvested in Pittsburgh, PA. 


What makes this tree even more unique, is that it started out as one tree with two trunks. As the tree grew, the trunks grew closer together and competed for space. Eventually, one eclipsed the other, and they merged together to to grow as one.


See for yourself - look in the center of the table, and follow the tree’s growth in the rings.  You can see where each trunk started, and where the one took over the other. 


I designed a special saddle stool with a back to go with the Eclipse table, and they are crafted with semi-rare ambrosia maple. These stools feature live edge or natural edge on both sides of the seat, and on the back support. 





Note: Several larger cross sections of this same tree are available. If you would like a larger version of our Eclipse Live Edge Pedestal Pub Table, If you would like an oblong shaped live edge dining table, or if you would like the top only finished and protected for your very own natural edge project please:


 Call 814-661-0188 or email to discuss your options!