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Color Options

Oak, cherry, & maple wood all take stain color differently. Wood type, grain pattern, and the inherent color variation in real wood all affect finished stain color.

Samples are available with orders

Just request them in the special comments area of your order, call, text, or email us. Since color is the last step, we can start your order while confirming your chosen color.


Note: Natural oak and cherry wood will age and darken over time. Aged stain on cherry wood also darkens over time.

Stain Colors Available


 Stain Color

Oak Wood

Cherry Wood

Maple Wood

 Puritan Pine    

 Natural         (Ages over time)

natural - maple
 Ipswitch Pine    
 Golden Oak golden oak cherry  
 Golden Pecan   golden-pecan-on-maple-wood
 Colonial Maple colonial maple  
 Cinnamon cinnamon-cherry  
 Gunstock gunstock-cherry  
 Early American early american-cherry  
 Special Walnut special walnut-cherry special walnut-maple
 English Chestnut    
 Harvest harvest-maple
 Red Oak red oak cherry red oak-maple
 Red Mahogany  

 Aged            (Ages on Cherry)

aged-cherry Aged-maple
 Cordovan cordovan-maple
 Sedona Red sedona red-cherry  
 Dark Walnut dark walnut-cherry  
 Espresso espresso-cherry  
 Jacobean jacobean cherry  
 Tobacco tobacco-cherry tobacco-on-maple-wood
 Ebony   ebony-maple
 Grey   grey-maple
 Irma's Grey irmas grey-cherry  



Paint Colors Available

White Cream Sandstone Light Green