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Winter Break | What I've Been up to

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I figured it was time to get back at it. Part of why it’s been so long is because Paul and I took a vacation to Florida (a working vacation of course!).

Every year we get down to Fl for a week or two in Jan and stay at the Fort Wilderness Resort outside of Disney. We like camping there in our motor-home, especially because we can take Sven along.



The campgrounds are also a great location because there are shuttles to the parks, a ton of places to eat and shop nearby, and a day trip to many tourist traps.


Mixing Business with Pleasure

It never fails throughout the year that we meet people from Fl who want us to ship our furniture to them. Unfortunately it’s really hard to ship without damage (that’s why we personally deliver).

If the customer is interested enough, we’ll offer to deliver in Jan - when Paul and I take the motor-home down for vacation.

We usually tow our van behind the motor-home, and take a day or two of our vacation to make our Florida deliveries, and any others that are one the way - but NOT this year!

We met so many people this past “show season” from down south, that we had to take a separate trip just so we’d have room for all of the furniture.

Planning a dedicated van tip ahead of time freed us up, so we decided to do one of the infamous Florida shows.


The Florida Shows - The Only Shows

If you’re big on the arts and crafts shows, then you know what every exhibitor knows - If you want to do art & craft shows during the winter months - you go to Florida.


Florida is known for having a ton of art and craft shows, and for being a very crafter friendly state. It’s common for crafters to stay in Florida throughout the winter months, and to show hop the state until spring arrives.

Since we can’t work on the road like other crafters, we don’t do the Florida circuit. This year though, we decided to give one of the shows a try.

As a little insurance (to make sure we had enough orders that the show paid even with delivery), our son Ryan also went down and did two shows too.

In between his shows and before ours, we met up at Fort Wilderness, and spent some family time together.


Disney for Adults

I know some people wonder what adults do at Disney without kids, but that’s because they haven’t been down there in January. The wait times are down (except for Avatar of course!), the weather is comfortable and moderate, and there's always seating during the shows.

Disney also has great places to eat (the German Restaurant at Epcot was a must), and new attractions (everything Star Wars was big hit with Paul & Ryan).


What I Work For

I’m so glad we decided to take time to just be together. I know we see each other all the time, but that’s not the same as getting away, creating new memories, and forgetting the pressures of home.

I loved sharing the Magic of Disney with Ryan & Lexi, and I loved getting to see Paul and Ryan spend father - son time together and away from the shop. This is what I work for.



Recharged & Ready to Go

Now we're back home, and I have about a month off until our next show. I can't wait to try out a few new recipes, and to continue to center around the important things in life.


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