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NEW Table Design - Whimsical, Comfortable, Functional

No matter where Paul and I go or what we’re doing, we’re always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

Take our trip out West for example

While we were traveling, we came across a lot of inspiration. For example, we came accross these cute rugs and pillows featuring colorful patterns and animals.

moose color blocked rub


We found an amazing company making extremely intricate marbles with whole “paintings” inside (you have to click the link, these are amazing)! And the thing that piqued our interest the most - this painted chair!

hand painted chair

Reinvigorated Plans

All of this separate is simply art appreciation, but all of it together started to paint a picture of its own. Paul and I have talked about doing a series of colorful painted tables for a few years now (we made our Marble Table after one of those talks, and after a customer requested a custom piece like it).

Somehow, other things come up, and we always get sidetracked. Well not anymore!

This year we’re going to introduce a new table concept. We’re going to use crazy colors, unexpected texture, and hand painted elements to craft an “artistic” dining table design. We're hoping to pull together elements of whimsy, comfort, and function. We’ve partnered with a local artist, and we’ve committed to getting a test model out by the end of the year.

Meet Jodi

We started looking for an artist a few months ago, and that’s when we met Jodi. Jodi is a local artist that just opened her own studio - Kreative Path. She was recomended by a local store that we called for help, because she teaches classes there among other things.

I met Jodi for the first time when she dropped off an accent table we gave her to paint. I was immediately struck by how intricate her design was. She put so much thought into every square inch of space - I can’t even guess how many hours it took!

Jodi has a great personality, and she’s so enthusiastic. We’re excited to move on with her to a larger scale. Stay tuned for more!

Want to see some of the things inspiring this new table design? Follow my Furniture board on Pinterest.




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