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How to Make a Tablescape on a Budget | Why I choose Jars & Vases

Decorating is one of my favorite things. I love changing out seasonal decorations in my home, and I love picking out decorations for my booth display.  I even get to help my son Ryan decorate his booth!

So when I heard a new craft/home store was opening up in the town over, of course I was excited to go see what they had. I recruited my daughter in-law Lexie (she was just talking to me about getting some decorations for on the Canyon Mission table -  a new one in Ryan’s display), and we went to the brand new Pat Catan’s.

I didn’t know what to expect, but we weren’t disappointed! There were so many options, from faux flowers to lanterns, and candles. There were a ton of Halloween and Fall decorations, and even a few for Christmas (already?!).  It was hard to stay focused, but I had a game plan already.



Decorating with Jars & Vases

I wanted to get something that could work for any season, but still have seasonal flair. That’s why we started by eyeing up all the jars and vases. They’re great because their look can be changed easily and in an instant.

I realized the versatility of jars first hand when I bought this decoration for my own Canyon Mission table. I can change out what I put in the mason jars as often as I want, and without a whole lot of hassle.


Side note: I get sooo many compliments on this centerpiece - sometimes people even try and buy it from me! I seriously recommend snagging one or something similar if you ever come across it. 

After scanning the store to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything, we settled on a few great bark vases. Not only do they match the rustic/coastal feeling of the table, but they’ll also complement decorations for every season (Fall leaves, Winter branches, Spring blooms, Summer moss) - I can already see it!

Adding Pops of Color

The “fillings” are where things really get fun! This is where you can add color and/or season pieces. We went with fall themed decorations that were mostly neutral, but still had a touch of color.


Over Fill

A good rule of thumb that I follow is to buy more “filling” than I need. I figure I can always return extra items, or maybe just keep them on hand. You never know, you might get home and decide one of the fillings isn’t meshing with the others, and want to change it out. 

On the other hand: standing in a store without any of your original decorations, and trying to figure out if this flower will match or not - not fun (although easier if you snap a picture on your cell).

You can see below that I went a little overboard on the fillings. Each individual vase looks great, but all together it was too much. The idea is to complement the table, and help customers see how it could look in their home - not distract from it!



The Final Touches

1) Editing!  I just started removing pieces that fit the same color scheme. I chose to get rid of most of the orange and blue-ish tones, just to keep a cohesive look throughout the tablescape. Here are all of the "fillings" I had left over. 

2) Find a great picture frame. We use picture frames to display important purchase information on the table. We found a distressed barnwood/white frame that was perfect for the Canyon Mission.

After putting everything together, I think we did a great job! Booth displays are our storefronts, so it’s important that they look great without distracting customers from the reason we’re there - to sell fantastic furniture! 

I hope this new setup helps draw patrons into Ryan’s booth, and helps them envision the Canyon Mission in their home, and with THEIR decorations.



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