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FAQ: What's your Best Selling Table Design?

Best Selling Table Sets

Customers often ask us which of our tables is our best seller. Right now, it would be a close call between the Canyon Mission Table - highlighted in 5 reason’s the Canyon Mission Table Rocks, and the Cattleman Table.

When it comes to the test of time though, the Cattleman Table is the clear winner. We’ve been selling this single pedestal table for about 15 years now - longer than any of our other designs.

Here’s why the Cattleman Table Set has never been shelved, and continues to make it into our 200 sq ft show display year after year.

* It’s a beautiful table

I might be a little partial here, but this isn’t just my opinion - it’s what customers have been telling us for years. I take it as a personal compliment, because I had a big part in the design.

When we started designing the Cattleman table, I had a few “must haves” on my design list. The first was it had to be rustic. To see our display now, you would hardly know that rustic was cutting edge - not just for us, but for the furniture market as a whole. At the time, our style was more traditional country.

I put Paul to work for the Cattleman table! When I told him I wanted us to do a rustic table, our first thought was reclaimed barnwood. It was a new trend in furniture, and it seemed an important part of a rustic table. Paul wasn't exactly thrilled about reclaimed wood (it can be hard to come by, inconsistant, and expensive).

Instead, he went to the drawing board (and after some trial and error) figured out how to re-create the look, but using new wood. Thus, ranchwood was born. Ranchwood is a rough sawn technique that Paul came up with for the Cattleman Table. It has a look and feel like reclaimed barnwood, but without any of the hassle.

For the tabletop and the table seat, I chose the color harvest. Harvest is a color that we got mixed way back when, and it's become a signature of ours. I chose it for the table top, because it looks great on ranchwood - it bites in and darkens the rough parts of the wood (the photo above is in harvest and shows what I mean). 

One of the inspirations for a rustic table was black chairs. I wanted to try something new - two tone black distressed. Black distressed chairs show wear in the natural spots a chair would wear with age. The wood tone underneath shows through, and it give an aged or heirloom look to the chairs. I knew they would look best with a rustic table - and it turned out to be a natural fit.

* It’s a great size

After picking the look of the table, we moved on to a more practical discussion - table size. We chose a 42” x 42” because it fits into smaller spaces such as kitchens, yet has the ability to extend for entertaining.

This table seats four to start, and comes with two 12” butterfly leaves. It fully extends to 66”, comfortably seating six or eight.

The small starting size allows us to use a single pedestal base. The single pedestal is key to fitting the most guests around the table (no legs to get in the way).

* It has self storing leaves

Like many of our tables, the Cattleman table has extension leaves that store right under the table top.

The benefits of self storing leaves are clear: you don’t have to find somewhere else to store them, and they’re conveniently accessed when needed. The gear driven slide equalizers also let the table open and close pretty easily. One person can usually extend it on their own. 

In the interest of full disclosure: not everyone loves butterfly leaves. When they’re inserted in the table, they have a crack that runs down the center where they fold to fit inside the table. They also don’t have aprons.

If butterfly leaves would bother you, you can still get the Cattleman's. As with all of our tables, there are options!

  1. We can always make solid leaves with aprons instead of butterfly leaves

  2. We can make one solid leaf, and one butterfly leaf

The solid leaves won’t self store, but it’s a trade off - one that’s up to you. Honestly though, most customers are swayed by the convenience of self storing leaves. I’ve heard many say that they think they’re cool, or that they’ll have serving dishes, centerpieces, or table cloths covering the cracks.

* Its has a unique square round shape

The Cattleman table isn’t square, and isn't round. It has a unique and attractive shape that isn’t just interesting, it’s also practical.

What’s practical about a square round table? It has more surface area for seating than a traditional round table, and none of the sharp corners of a square table (something parents and grandparents with little ones love).

Besides that, who doesn’t want a unique table - I’ve never seen one the same shape!

* It has the beauty of solid wood, without the worry

Something that customers tell me at the shows is that they would love a table...but maybe once their kids or grandkids are grown. I raised three, so I know - kids are hard on furniture.

If wear and tear on your table is a concern, the cattlemans is a great choice. It has a ranchwood top, so nicks and scratches blend right it.

The table aprons, table base, and chairs are black distressed, so bumping them against one another just adds more character.

* You can make the Cattleman set yours

Of course, just because I like this rustic two tone design best, doesn’t mean that’s the only way to have it. We’ve had many customers order it designed to fit in with their interior design, whether that means ordering a traditional smooth top, a single stain color, or another two tone color combinations. In fact, we sell a lot of Cattleman tables designed after the Providence to customers who fell in love, but didn't have the space.

Read more about the Cattleman table here, or find more about the rustic counter height pub version of the Cattleman Table here.


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