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Fall Decorating with Mums - How I Shop & Tips for You

It’s officially my favorite time of year - Fall! I love Fall for a lot of reasons: 

  • The crispness in the air
  • The beautiful changing leaves
  • Decorating with fall colors
  • The smells of the season

That’s just  to name a few. The one thing that I look forward to the most? Going to get mums with my daughter Brandy.

Brandy and I get our flowers together every Spring and Fall. No matter how busy we get, we always make the time. I cherish this tradition, because it gives us a chance to catch up. Brandy is also my favorite shopping buddy, because she always gives her honest opinion.

This Fall, we drove to C & A Trees Unlimited in Clarion for our flowers. They’re a great local business about 35 miles away - I know that might seem far to some, but remember, we’re from the country.

We chose this nursery and greenhouse partly because we like to support other small businesses, but also because they have the best mums in the area. Their prices are great, and the staff is extremely helpful.


What do I look for?

I look at mums in every color. I don't have a favorite, I think they're all too beautiful. This year I couldn't find any white ones, but did find plenty of other yellows, reds, and pinks.

I try to find the really full plants, because I have a big front porch to decorate. I add pumpkins and my own decorations to my arrangements, so the mums have to be able to hold their own, and not be swallowed up in my display.

I choose plants that haven’t flowered fully. Part of it is because I think the blooms last longer that way, but I also like having a few days to get my arrangement in order before they fully bloom - I like watching their progression.

What should you look for?

  1. If you want to take advantage of full bloom, look for the mums that aren’t flowing yet. If you prefer full blooms like Brandy, make sure the cool weather is in store, and that there aren’t any heat waves coming your way - the flowers will wilt.

  2. Mums will not continue to grow or fill out. Buy the size of flowers you want, not a smaller size thinking they will get bigger.

  3. If you want to try and plant your mums to re-flower next year, make sure you’re getting the perennial garden mums. Also make sure you plant them with enough time (about 4 weeks before frosts start) for their roots to take hold. Florist’s mums (another beautiful variety) will not grow next year.

Here are a few before and afters

My Mums

I planted a few mums myself, and here's a picture of one that made it through the year. I would have more than one plant, but mums look suspiciously like weeds in Spring and Summer (to my granddaughters at least).


As far as I’m concerned - I had another great shopping trip with Brandy. Not only did we have a great time, but my mission was accomplished! My porch looks warm and welcoming, and I can’t wait to come home again.

"Are you a fan of mums too? Share your photos on our Facebook page, promote your local nursery, or #mymums : as a fan, I’d love to see them!"

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