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Decorating for Christmas - A Family Tradition


A Family Tradition Featuring my Favorite Decorations

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I love decorating for the holidays. Every year after Thanksgiving, I itch to get my Christmas decorations in place. I never decorate without Brandy and her girls though, so I wait until we can get together.

This year, it worked out to be the Monday after Thanksgiving. I took the day off, a much needed break! Even when I take the day off though, I’m always on standby.

I wasn't surprised when Lexi called with a question, and when she found out what we were doing, she immediately asked for pictures - good timing! Lexi helps write the blog, and is always telling me to take more photos - of everything! That’s why I don’t have a complete before and after of the tree, but it’s pretty close!




Madison’s Tree


This year, Madison made the tree her project. Madison is my oldest granddaughter. She graduates high school this year, and is set to go to Penn State like her grandfather!

Madison spends a lot of time with Paul and I, and we’re really going to miss her. She’s a caring soul, and I’m blessed that she values us so much. She is also always ready to help us out, and she even works in the shop with us a few hours a week.

As you can see by the before and after below, she also has a great eye. She did a really good job, and even hooked up the star! I mention that because I normally leave the star for Paul to do after I’m done, and then it just never seems to happen. He forgets, I tell him not to worry about it; long story short - our tree is never topped. Well, this year it is - thanks Madison!

tree-before-decorating tree-after-decorating


Miley’s Contribution

Miley is Brandy’s youngest. She reminds me so much of her Uncle Ryan, because she likes to laugh, is always smiling, and in general is just full of life.

At age 10, Miley isn’t quite as excited about decorating as we are,  BUT she still did her part - she kept Sven (our jack russel) entertained the whole time. Sven and Miley are best buds, probably because they are both so energetic! She made sure he wasn’t underfoot - right up until the end.


New Decor for the Focal Point


This year, I had all new decorations for the fireplace - the focal point of the gathering room.  We actually all got them together (me, Brandy, & the girls) in Lancaster during our girls day tradition.

We plan an overnight trip on every “Black Friday.” First, we eat at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord (if you’ve never been - It’s a GIANT buffet), then we do something together (something planned), and then we shop a little the next day.

This year our Friday activity was watching the Jesus play at Sight and Sound Theatres. We all really enjoyed it, and I would highly recommend it - It’s playing until Jan. 5th.

Everything from the mantle came from a craft store in Lancaster. Brandy helped me pick everything out, all the while being teased that she was only being helpful, because she wanted new decorations herself - she gets all of my old decorations (she walked home with a full box at the end of the day).



My Classic Christmas Decorations


One of my favorite decorations is my Merry Christmas block set. I put it on top of my giant entertainment stand every year, because the blocks are big enough that they don't get lost on it. They're the perfect compliment. 

This picture shows my second attempt. On the first, I got them all up and evenly spaced, then - feeling so  proud - I stepped back to admire my handiwork...only to realize they said Christmas Merry. So I had to do it again. I felt so silly, but now I wish I had taken a picture. What's life without being able to laugh at yourself?


(Yes, Paul made this for me - he designed it a few years ago it to hold all of my books - as you can see, I think I need another!)


Here’s my village I also put up every year.


Paul's Decor

This one is another new one, and it was actually Paul’s pick - kind of. Paul could care less about decorating, but when he saw this at Sam’s Club, he said it reminded him of our little red camper that we take to the shows. He always teases about just driving away, and since we love camping and RVing, it just seemed right to get it.


Reigning it in...

Those are just a few of my favorites this year. I’d be talking about them forever if I included them all! Now the inside of my house is done, and the outside will be next. I’m glad for the time spent with the girls, and for the final approval we got from Sven, who photobombed my final picture of the day.


Share your Decor


Are you a fan of decorating too? I’m always looking for inspiration, and I’d love to see how your home turned out - you can share a picture on our Facebook page. I know sometimes people have trouble tagging our business page, so you can also email them with a short description and I’ll share it - I’m sure others would like to be inspired too! * Bonus points for anyone who shows a tablescape on one of our tables!!!


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