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Custom Gallery | A Peak at Some of the Custom Ambrosia Tables We've Designed


Built to Order | A Guided Design Experience with the Craftsmen

A huge part of what Paul and I do at the show is to guide customers in designing their table sets. That's because there is no perfect table for everyone, just the perfect table for you. 

As with everything, there are always trade offs. Some tables are solid, some extend, some self store their leaves, some are on a pedestal...The options are endless!

At the end of the day, we help you figure out what's important to you, and then we tell you how we can design it to suite your needs.  



Designing YOUR Furniture - Starting with an IP Furniture Design

When we work to customize a table with a customer, we start with a base table design - usually the one that's in our booth that caught the customers eye. We then talk about their needs and wants, we start changing size, shape, color, and anything else we need to so the customer will love their custom dining set.

Sometimes the table ends up looking pretty close to how we have it in the booth, and sometimes it ends up like a whole new thing. Either way, we love handcrafting the perfect table set for each of our customers. As someone who loves interior design, I also love getting to see the new furniture they/we come up with together.

This custom gallery will be all about the table sets that were inspired by the Ambrosia live edge table.





live-edge-ambrosia-maple-set live-edge-grey-table

The Ambrosia Live Edge Table Set - Standard

The Ambrosia live edge table set is handcrafted live edge.The top has a beautiful color pattern that is completely unique to each set, and it is twinged grey. The legs and aprons of the ambrosia table set are white/grey. The chairs that come with the set have matching live edge tops. The table is approximately 33" x 54" - it seats 4 to a tight 6. It also comes standard with decorative black clavos.

See above for the EXACT way we take it to the show.





The Ambrosia Live Edge Table Set - Extendable with 4 leaves

This Ambrosia table turned out way better than I even thought it would. The customer wanted the table to extend, which meant (for solid construction purposes) we had to flip the live edge part of the table from the side, to on the ends of the table. The customer kept the colors the same, but decided to go with butte legs, and no clavos.


The Ambrosia Live Edge Table Set - Special Walnut

This Ambrosia table is pretty close to the original, but it is just a tad longer at 33" x 56". The customers also decided to go with the stain color special walnut, and they went without clavos.


The Ambrosia Live Edge Table/Canyon Mission Hybred

This Ambrosia live edge table is 42" x 66" It was made with a Canyon Mission Trestle base (although the base is shown without the mission slats that are usually on the ends), and with pewter clavos. The customers also chose to add arm chairs at the head of the table.


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