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Answers to the Top 7 FAQ's from the Show

Retailing our furniture at art and craft shows is great! We get to see new sights and meet new people all of the time.

While every show is a little different, there are a few things all of our shows have in common, including frequently asked questions from show patrons.

Here are the top FAQ's we get at the shows, and our answers to them.



Q:) Where are you from?

A:) Brockway, PA

Never heard of it? That's okay, most people haven't! Brockway is a teeny tiny town in Western/Central PA. We have two stop lights, and our big claim to fame is being the former glass capital of the world - because of Brockway Glass.

One of the cool things about being from the PA Wilds (at least from a woodworker's point of view) is that we're in the center of a ton of natural resources for lumber. PA is home to 20 State forests, and part of the Allegheny National Forest. Is it any wonder that PA is known for furniture? 

Pennsylvania hardwoods are sold & shipped at a premium all over the world. Lucky for us, we don't have to pay to ship it very far - that's savings we can pass along to our customers. 



Q:) Do you mill your own wood

A:) While we have woods all around us, we aren't set up to mill our own wood. We also couldn't find the time!



We do however get most of our wood from a family owned business right down the road - Brownlee Lumber. They practice sustainable sourcing, and provide top quality hardwoods.

We're happy to support them, and glad that we can trust them and our other local suppliers to do what we can't. 



Q:) Are you Amish?

A:) Nope!


I get it - our last name is Miller, we're from Pennsylvania, and we handcraft quality furniture - all things associated with Amish people. While sometimes Ryan likes to pull customer's legs and joke that he used to be, we ARE NOT and never have been Amish.

We're just regular American who happen to love woodworking!




Q:) Do you have a showroom in Pennsylvania?

A:) No - BUT... We have Sugarloaf Craft Festivals



If you've been reading my blog, then you already know that we have a great relationship with Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. We've been doing their shows for years, and they give us extra space to display even more furniture than we're able to show at our other shows.

Chances are - if you're willing to drive to PA to see a showroom - maybe you're willing to drive to one of the five Sugarloaf show locations. You'll have two chances to see us at each - once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.



Q:) What is your furniture protected with? 

A:) A high grade pre-catalyzed lacquer.


Our furniture is double coated in protectant. The lacquer we use is a step up from polyurethane - so it doesn't yellow, and you don't need coasters for "sweating" glasses.

Even better, it wipes clean with a damp or soapy cloth - just try to steer clear of harsh chemicals. 



Q:) I'm ready to order, but how does this work? Will you deliver this set to my house or...

A:) You'll get your very own IP Furniture Design, uniquely made for you in about 10 weeks.





Q:) I'm ready to order, but I'm not sure what color will match/go best with _________. 

A:) Not a problem, we can send you a sample.


We have a lot of colors to choose from, and sometimes it's hard to choose - especially if you're trying to match a piece of furniture you already have.

Since color is one of the last steps in crafting, we're able to start on your piece befor you've decided a color. We'll send a few samples in the mail, and let you call us with your choice.



Don't like one of our colors or can't find a match? Many hardware stores (we use SW) will color match stain. Just make sure your stain is OIL BASED, and find out how much you need before you purchase any. 

For paint colors, use SW please. Have them do a color match, and tell us the serial numbers. We'll get the paint mixed to be furniture grade by our supplier. 



Do you have a question I didn't answer? Please call (814-265-0201) or email!


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