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A Season for Everything

A Season for Everything

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be grown. I dreamed of being older so I could stay up late with my parents, pick out my own clothes, hang out with my older sisters, drive a car -  all the normal kid stuff.

Now that I’m older, I have a lot more patience. I know that everything comes in time, everything in its season. 

My kids and grandkids are growing so fast, and hitting new milestones all of the time. They can’t wait to do this or that, and I can’t blame them - life is exciting. Change is a chance for growth, and the passage of time is constantly bringing new opportunities.

Seasons of Change

The four seasons have long been a representation of that - change, and the passage of time. It’s a popular theme in both art and music, I think because it reminds us of the big picture.

The seasons represent how tomorrow is always different than today. Fall will creep into winter, winter will blow into spring, spring will drizzle into summer, and summer will fade into fall. And then it will happen again - which brings us full circle. I think there’s so much beauty in that!

New Directions

A big change for us right now is our newest table design, our whimsical table. We decided to design it around the four seasons for just that reason - because it represents a new chapter in our furniture design.

We did something completely out of our comfort zone, and whether customers like the new direction or not, we’re so happy that we accomplished our goal. We’re also grateful to our Artist collaborator who put up with our vague notions and all of our back and forth (this table was over 7 months in the making)!

Finding our Artist

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know how we met Jodi. What I didn’t mention is that we almost didn’t find her!


When we started looking for an artist, we posted the job as a commission on a job search website. We got an overwhelming response, and had to shut off the ad after less than a week!  

The next step was to find the RIGHT artist. We knew we couldn’t do this table without their help, and the  success of our project depended largely on them. We screened a few out, and asked others to submit samples of their work. Then we screened out some more.

What had seemed like an overwhelming amount of applicants in the beginning, turned out rather disappointing. Many of them weren’t interested enough to respond to emails, and it was starting to look like I would have to take up painting.

We did find a good match with one of the applicants, but we were still hoping to find at least one more. Paul went back to the drawing board, and thought of a great idea.

We could call a few local artist haunts, and see if they knew anyone who worked on commission - and that’s how we found Jodi. When Lexie called Kreative Kreations, Jodi was the first and only name spoken, because it turns out - she was already painting furniture on her own.

After weeks of work, a simple phone call asking for help landed us our second artist. Jodi and the other artists both submitted test pieces, and both did a great job. We would have loved to work with both, but Chelsea moved away. Fortunately, Jodi agreed to continue working with us, and we now knew who our artist would be!

Jodi Bennett

Jodi is a local Pennsylvania artist. She has a Bachelors in Art from the Pennsylvania State University, and holds a Digital Diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Her impressive artwork has sold nationwide, from PA to California, New Mexico, & Florida - what a coup we found her in small town USA!

Jodi owns her own studio in Nu Mine, PA - Kreative Path Studio featuring Jodi Bennett, Custom Artist. She is a vendor, resident artist, instructor, and Creative Director at Kreative Kreations/Kreative Path Studio in DuBois, PA - basically she does it all!

On top of that, I just found out she is currently booking her 5,000th painting class for Kreative Path - I can't even imagine how many people that means her artwork (and her passion for it) has touched!

When Jodi isn't creating, she's spending family time in the tiny town of Rural Valley, PA with her husband and two children.

A Season for Everything - the Table

This table is inspired by the thought that all things will come and go in their time, and all things will come full circle. You can’t enjoy today if you’re just waiting for tomorrow, just like you can’t enjoy today if you’re worried about yesterday. Every change has it’s own beauty, and presents an opportunity.

This table took 7 months to complete, but it’s really been in the making for a lot longer. Now the time is right, the “season” is right.

I hope this table makes our customers smile. I hope they appreciate the countless hours both Jodi and Paul took to make sure every part of the table is a detailed surprise. Stop by one of our Sugarloaf shows to see it in person this Fall!


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