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5 Reasons the Canyon Mission Dining Set Rocks

Keeping it Fresh

Part of being in business for over 35 years is not letting customers get bored with your products. We’ve been doing shows for a long time, and some of those shows we do twice a year. If we still took the table sets we took twenty years ago, we’d be in trouble.

throwback photo of our traditional designs
Here's a throwback to one of our first sets. I still think it's a great design, and look at those chairs - they're the same ones we selling today!


That’s why I’m always looking for inspiration. We make a few new table designs every year, and we test them out at Sugarloaf - the show with our largest display.  

Paul and I hash everything out: from size and shape, to color and texture. Then we build our floor model, talk about any changes we need to make, and bring it to the show for the ultimate test - YOU.

Customers will let us know pretty quickly (and often without even talking to us) what they think of a table. Whether they stop and oh and ah, or walk right past says a whole lot.

Of course the ultimate test is whether they love a design enough to order for in their home.

The Canyon Mission Table Set

In 2016, we built 4 new tables. The one that proved itself and became a clear winner - the Canyon Mission Table. Here’re why I’m not surprised.


1) It has a one of a kind ranchwood top. Many of you know ranchwood is our take on the reclaimed barnwood look. It has a rough, yet snag free texture that adds a rustic touch to any table.

For the Canyon Mission table, we wanted to up the ante. Paul created a new texturing technique that involves painting the ranchwood white before planing. When each board is planed down, it has parts that are still white, and parts that natural smooth wood. Then we stain them grey.

The result is a completely one of a kind top that has a coastal or shabby chic vibe.


2) It’s features a special white/grey color combo. If you don’t know that white and grey are the new “it colors” you’re missing out. White and grey go with almost any other color, and they really open up a room.

For this table, the top being white and grey wasn’t enough - I knew we needed to carry that look through the whole table design. That’s why the body of the table is painted white/grey over it. We also put grey slats on the table base to tie in the grey spots on the top.


3) It has decorative metal clavos. We put these clavos on the aprons of the table to pull in a rustic refined touch. Not only do I love clavos, but customers have started requesting them on other pieces too. We're building a hutch and buffet to match this table right now, and it will have clavos on the hutch top.

4) It matches without being “matchy matchy.” I love two tone color combos, but I thought that would have been too much on the chairs.

Instead, I pulled in both the white/grey, and the solid grey. I decided to do four solid grey chairs on the sides, and two white/grey fabric seat chairs at the head of the table - all with the mission style top.

For the fabric seat, I choose a shade of taupe (coincidentally close to the Sherwin Williams color of the year.) I think the color blends well, yet adds a touch of accent.

whitegrey chair with a taupe seat and grey chair

5) It’s a durable and smart table design. When all color and design preference is stripped away, this is still a great table. It comes in four great standard sizes, and self stores it’s extension leaves.

It has a trestle base, so the bottom stays still while the top is extended- saving your floors. It’s just an all around a great table for when guests come over (it’s almost that time of year too)!


Make it YOURS!

Like all of our designs, the Canyon mission table’s look is completely up to you - and it looks great stained a solid color too. Some of the common things our customers request?

  • All grey chairs or all white/grey chairs
  • All fabric seats (did you know you can pick your own fabric and send it to us to use?) or all wood seats
  • No clavos

We’re getting great feedback on it, whether customers choose my exact design or not. See more on the Canyon Mission table, take the colors and use them as your own inspiration on a different furniture design, and feel free to contact us with questions.


Share your Canyon Mission Table

Do you have a Canyon Mission Table of your own?  We’d love to see how yours looks in your home - please share on our Facebook or Instagram @bestofipdesigns!   Don't forget to tag us so we can see and share too, and to use one of our hashtags #myipdesign  or #haveaseat.



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