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3 New Live Edge Table Designs

Live edge tables are beautiful, and I just can’t get away from them! I see them online, in furniture stores, and even at art and craft shows.

Every time I see one, I’m reminded of the raw beauty of solid wood. I love the color variation in live edge table tops, and I love that each slab (each table) is completely unique. If there’s anything that Paul and I do well, it’s making one of a kind tables, so live edge just seemed like a natural fit.

Not only do we think our customers want live edge designs, we coincidental have an AMAZING live edge wood supplier right in our backyard - a lumber mill called Horizon Wood Products.



About Horizon Wood Products


Horizon Wood Products is a family owned business that operates in Kersey, PA - just 45 minutes from us. They’re an amazing company that started small, and grew to be a global name in the American hardwood industry.

We’re honored to be able to do business with them, and we’re lucky that we’re so close to a great supplier - one of the benefits of living in the Appalachian Mountain Region!

Here are a few photos we snapped while at Horizon - don't they have a great view?




Our First Design


Before we picked the wood or anything, Paul and I talked about what we wanted to do with our new table. We didn’t want to do just the same kind of designs we’d seen, we wanted to make ours special.

Paul right away thought about our customer’s needs, and the feedback we get at the show. Solid tables are great, but extendable tables are far more popular. We decided to put the Irma and Paul’s twist on live edge by adding extension.


Introducing the Horizon Table Set


Named after Horizon Wood Products, the Horizon trestle table starts out at approx. 41” x 66”. It has four leaves, so it extends to 114”, seating six to 12 or 14 people. It features hand picked live edge cherry wood on the top, base, AND stretcher.

Horizon Table set



Each Horizon Table also features a bookmatch pair (side by side cuts of the same tree folded open like a book) on the table top. This gives the top a beautiful and cohesive look.


The Horizon's "Little Brother" the Ambrosia Table


Once we completed the Horizon table, we decided to dive right back in and use our newly acquired knowledge to design a smaller live edge table. Not everyone has the space for a table as big as the Horizon. Besides, we wanted to try our hand at taking live edge in a different direction.

We knew right away that it would be a solid table, and that it would seat four. That’s how we decided on the size. The Ambrosia table is about 33” x 54” - the perfect size to seat four (either two on each side, or one on each end).



When we picked out the wood for the Ambrosia table, we specifically looked for wood with a “wow” factor. We wanted a lot of color variation. After scanning though Horizon Wood Products’ live edge slabs, we chose Ambrosia Maple (how the table got it’s name).

Paul got a boockmatch pair glued up and cut to size. Then he sanded down some of the rough edges, and we started debating color. Paul knew right away he wanted to go with grey. I was leery, because I didn’t want to cover up the beauty of the wood.

We did a test with some scrap, and the vote was unanimous - grey it would be! Don’t get me wrong, the natural was beautiful too, but we didn’t want to do live edge the same as everyone else.

We’d never seen a grey live edge top before. Besides, the grey didn’t cover up the beauty of the wood at all - it just enhanced it.

The next step was deciding on the table aprons, legs, and color. We experimented with a few options (scalloped apron vs. straight, rustic leg versus butte, white versus black). After much debate, we went with the plain legs, straight aprons, and white/grey - all shown in the set pictures above.


Live Edge Dining Chair


Did you notice the chailive-edge-chairr with the set is live edge too? This is where Paul amazes me. Here I am thinking our table design was beautiful and complete, and then Paul comes in and ups the ante with the perfect final touch!

He used piece of live edge from the same slab as the table, to make the top of the chair live edge too. I think it really pulls the look together, and gives our live edge table and extra Irma & Paul’s touch.


The True Test


Of course, it doesn’t matter how great I think a design is. The true test is taking it to a show, and seeing if it sells through. The Ambrosia Does!

This Fall, we showed both the Ambrosia and the Horizon at our Sugarloaf shows. We were able to show customers the value in each different design. We were also able to tie together elements of each table to design one of a kinds for multiple customers.

In fact, the Ambrosia is so popular, we already made a return trip to Horizon Wood Products. This time we bought the rest of the tree we used on the original Ambrosia Table - How cool is that?!

So far our customers seem to agree - we really hit a homerun with the Ambrosia table. It has the right amount of wow factor, is built to last a lifetime, and is paired with the most comfortable wood chairs you’ll ever sit in. What’s not to love? 


Keeping Momentum


We've gotten such great feedback from these two live edge designs, that I've already been inspired for our third. This time, we're going to use Walnut live edge, and we're NOT doing a dining table set.

Keep tuned for more on our newest live edge design - premiering at the Spring 2018 Sugarloaf Shows!


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