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2018 Shows - The 4 Table Sets You'll See in our Booth

Did you know we take the same table sets to every show?

Sure, we change things up once or twice a year, and definitely season to season - but for the most part we’ll have the same booth display one show to the next.

There are a few reasons why, but the number one is, because we take the table sets that sell. How do we know which ones those are? We use our Sugarloaf shows as a measure.

As many of you know already, we have a larger than normal booth space at Surgarloaf, and we’re able to set up more table sets then at any of our other shows.

We see which sets our customers respond to. Then we use information to help us put our best foot forward at all of our other shows.

2018 booth

Show Tables

We take the very same “show table” out with us until it’s retired. We take orders off of the table - even if customers want theirs exactly the same.

There are a few advantages to that (including not worrying when we get caught in the rain)! The one that benefits the customers the most - because we can help them remember EXACTLY what they saw.

Even if we get a call a year after a show, (with minimal description of the table) we can figure out which table set they liked, what color it was, what size it was, and what kind of wood it we used.


providence table set

The Providence table set is a great example. We still get calls about this table all of the time. Because we took the same one to every show, we know exactly how it looked when the person on the phone saw it.

That means we can tell them with confidence, "Yes, yours will look just like the one you saw at the show." 

 - Well, as close as real wood can look!


What Dining Sets are Winning in 2018?

Some shows only allow us to have a single booth space. Even when real estate is tight - these are the sets you’ll for sure see in our booth.

ambrosia table set

1) The Ambrosia Live Edge Table

New to our display last Fall, this table is a clear fan favorite. Passing patrons can’t resist touching and petting it to see if it feels as smooth as it looks (It does by the way).

Of course they also love the beautiful color variation in the wood, and the white and grey two tone mix that commands attention.

Pair that beauty with the comfort of the Paul’s chairs (specially designed with matching live edge tops), and crowds are loving it.

Even when people aren’t in the market, they can’t help but be drawn to it - often stopping to tell us just that.


2) The Canyon Mission Table

canyon mission table set

This is another one of our statement tables. It’s similar to the ambrosia table in that people can’t help but touch it when they walk by. We often hear that the rustic top feels a lot smoother than it looks.

Plenty of customers order this table as is, with two chair covered in the upholstery fabric I picked. They also have the option of sending us fabric that they picked out too - where else can you get that?!

On top of "prettiness" of the table is that it's simply a great design, because it’s practical.

Customers love the self storing leaves, and how much the table extends (4 ft).

Even when we craft it in a solid stain color and with a traditional smooth top, it still looks great.


3) The Cattleman's Table

This table is the “old guy” in the booth. That’s because people love it as much today as they did when I first designed it.

the cattlemans table set

We probably sell at least one at every show. If not, then we’ll sell two or three at the next.

Why does it still sell? I think it’s the size and functionality. This table is great for smaller spaces, kitchen dining, and as a card table. 

When we show customers the self storing butterfly leaves, they’re often sold right there. Not only is it a clever idea, it makes the Cattleman Table extendable in 30 seconds - witout a second person!

On top of that, this table can be rustic (as we show it), traditional (with a standard smooth top surface and a single stain color), country (with a plank top & any distressed paint), or coastal (with a canyon mission style top and coloring).

That means it’s appealing across the board, and across interior design aesthetics.


4) The Walnut Sofa / Bar Top

I came up with the idea for this table last Fall, and I couldn’t wait to put it in our booth!  I knew right away that I wanted it to be live edge walnut, because the wood is beautiful, and I thought customers would adore too.

I designed this table with open concept homes in mind. I wanted something that could go behind the couch, but still be in the kitchen.

I thought then not only could you eat at it, but you could then use it as a buffet or server during holidays or other gatherings.

Put this behind your sofa, tuck the stools completely under, and you have occasional extra seating taking up just 16” of space.

Of course there are endless ways to use it - not just as a sofa table. We’ve already made this 36" h table to be used as a hall table, and as a kitchen island.




The Other Contendors - What Makes it in when We Have a Double Booth

When we’re able to get a double booth spot, here are the tables competing to make it in the show.

There’s room for two of them, plus a rocker, and sometimes accent tables. These sets might vary show to show, but if you call and tell us even just the color, we’ll help you figure it out.

The Mission Extendable Island

I designed this island in late 2016. I recently did a blog post on it, so I won’t go in to a lot of detail, but I have to say a few things about why it rocks (beside the obvious)!

Extra seating, extra counter space, extra storage space - all in one piece. I think we really hit a home run with this design, because it solves all of the major kitchen problems.

Plus, have you ever heard of a kitchen island that extends like a table top? How about one that self stores 4 feet of table leaves?


The Henry's Fork Table

We’ve sold this table in a rustic version (with a ranchwood top and two tone stain combination) for a while. If you saw our booth last year , you probably saw it this way. It was a great design, and I still stand behind it - my son Ryan still shows it this way.

henry fork collection


But for this show season, we decided to change it up. We went with a prime oak top (the smooth texture you would see on a traditional table top), with Irma’s grey stain (my own mix).

henry fork white

The Rancher's Table

This table is popular for a couple of reasons, but I think the number one is that people love the size. It’s a square table, and it goes from seating 4 to 8.

We also chose to plank the top, and use light green/glaze paint for the legs and aprons. A green table isn’t for everyone, but some customers love it. And of course color can be changed.


ranchers table set green




Did you see us at a show, but can't remember the table you liked best?

Call, text, email, or comment below with everything you remember - we'll help you figure out the details!


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