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Ambrosia Table Set

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Live Edge Chair
White/Grey & Grey with black clavos
Seats 6 - no clavos
Harvest top - white apron & base
Black Mission Hardware
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$3,499.00 - $5,499.00
1 Table/4 Chairs
Table Top:
Table Accent:
Chair Body:
Chair Seat & Top:
Damp Cloth
Metal Clavos:
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Ambrosia Table Set Pictured 

Maple live edge top, white/grey oak straight aprons and straight primitive legs, black decorative metal clavos on the apron, and four white/grey oak shaker side chairs with a maple live edge top and maple seat.



Price includes four, six, eight, or ten chairs with special live edge tops

  • Approx. 33" x 54"               (width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 4)
  • Approx. 40" x 66"               (width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 6)
  • Approx. 40" x 78"               (width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 8)










About the Live Edge Ambrosia Table Set



The Ambrosia Table is a solid top live edge table. It's made with a special kind of maple wood called ambrosia maple. Each piece of Ambrosia maple is unque, so no two tables will look exactly alike.


A key feature of ambrosia maple is the beautiful color swirls in the wood. These patterns are actually the result of a beetle infestation (see the dark "worm holes") and a fungus the beetles bring with them.


I also use live edge for the chair tops, another creative use that I haven't seen elsewhere .








Live Edge Capabilities



My boules or flitches starts right around 12 feet long. That means I can make a live edge table large enough to seat 14-16 people. I'm completely able to craft conference tables, bars, or just longer dining tables out of live edge or natural edge boards. 




Don't see the color or two tone combination you want? Call 814-661-0188 - email to order!

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