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About Us

About Us

Nestled in Pennsylvania furniture country and the Appalachian Mountain Range is Brockway, PA - a two traffic light town, and home to the Miller family and their wood shop.

Irma & Paul started their business in Brockway over 38 years ago making hickory rocking chairs. They steadily grew their business, and over time developed their very own solid wood furniture designs.

Known on the arts & crafts show scene for their signature lumbar support chairs and rockers - Irma & Paul are self taught artists. Years of experience has taken them from hobby woodworkers to award winning craftsmen & designers.

Over time their furniture designs have evolved, but what hasn’t changed at all is their commitment to their customers - creating a unique “made for you” personal furniture buying experience with the craftsmen.


The Miller Legacy

Irma & Paul are always designing new ways to surprise and excite art & craft show customers. They focus on creating furniture designs that are beautiful, comfortable, smart, and high quality. They’ve created a legacy that they have already passed down to two younger generations in their family.

Their son Josh also has a furniture business. Their son Ryan and their grandson Fred work alongside them today - they're learning “the family business” from the masters. This year will be Ryan’s third year doing shows, and Fred’s first full year working in the shop.


“Thanks to patrons like you, three generations are able to work together and do what we love!”



Sharing Beautiful, Comfortable, Quality Furniture - All at an Exceptional Value

Irma & Paul share their life’s work with patrons at art & craft shows. This is their chosen retail venue, because it allows them to connect one on one with customers.

While working with Irma & Paul, patrons decide whether to order a tried and true IP Furniture Design as is, or to receive guided design assistance from the craftsmen.

No matter which way a customer chooses to go, they’re ordering a piece of furniture that is literally made for them.


The IP Furniture Design Experience | What to Expect

  • One on one time with the craftsmen
  • Show only special prices
  • Order with deposit, balance due on delivery
  • Personal delivery - we send our own TRUSTED driver


Sustainable Practices

Pennsylvania is home to 20 State Forests and part of the Allegheny National forest - great local natural resources for lumber. These forests not only grow geographically superior hardwood, they promote sustainable harvesting through forest management practices.

The majority of IP Designs raw material lumber is sourced locally from family owned mills within 30 miles of Brockway.


Contact us for your own IP Furniture Design experience! Better yet: Come see us at the show!




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