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Ambrosia Table Set

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White/Grey & Grey with black clavos
Live Edge Chair
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Price includes four chairs with special live edge tops

  • Approx. 33 x 54               (width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 4)



This set as shown: with an ambrosia maple live edge top, white/grey oak straight aprons and straight primitive legs, and four white/grey oak shaker side chairs with a maple live edge grey stained top and grey maple seat.






About the Live Edge Ambrosia Table Set


The Ambrosia Table is a solid top live edge table. It's made with a special kind of maple wood often called ambrosia maple.


A key feature of ambrosia maple is the beautiful color swirls in the wood. These patterns are actually the result of a beettle infestation (see the dark "worm holes") and a fungus the beetles bring with them.


Our very own design - this table set features our comfortable lumbar support dining chairs with a live edge twist - a table matching ambrosia maple live edge top.


Don't see the color or two tone combination you want? Call 814-265-0201 or email to order!